Saturday, October 16, 2010

Live From the Paris Auto Show 2010

Bonjour, all.

As I've mentioned before in my various observation postings, Paris is not always the best place for a traveller to oogle cars.  They do, however, put on one of the best auto shows in the world.  Here are a few of my favourite shots from the first pavilion... more to come.

The Ford Focus is right at the front door, featured here in tangerine scream.
It's not the sort of thing you can get in North America, I'm afraid.

Poor Mazda.  They just can't make a cool car.
So they brought this relic from a museum.
It was a crowd pleaser.

Jaguar had a nice shiny display for their C-X75,
a twin-turbine-equipped, electrically powered, four-wheel-drive,
boasting a 205-mph top speed.  Only one problem, you can't
buy one for any price.  Bad Jaguar!

More SFX showing off this concept car you can never own.

Ford Fiesta had this here RS WRC and you'll actually be able to buy one.
It has a 1.6-liter EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder engine pushing
out like 400 horsepower or something sick.  I want!

Alfa Romeo shows off its Brera Spider.  You can buy one of these,
but I'm not convinced of a reason why.  :) 

The Ferrari California.  Pure sweet sickness.  Low Emissions.  What'ev.

Maserati showing off the same ol' GranTurismo.  Snore.  Actually I love
this car and here it is with a flat blue exterior!  Woot!

Here's the same Maserati, ready for the track.

For a mere 300,000 Euros you could drive away this Venturi Fetish.
It's all electric and if you take a driving course you'll keep up to me
in my Porsche.  Good luck on passing me.  :)

Venturi is also making this 300hp electric dune buggy called the America.
I don't know if you'll ever actually be able to buy one.

The 300 HP Citroen Survolt.  Plug me in!  Woot!

This car was just pretty from every angle.

Peugeot BB1 Electric Concept Car.  Kinda cool, but not for me.

Peugeot SR1 concept car.  All electric.  All fantasy.
Just for show and never for the showroom.

Who doesn't need a Mercedes with gullwing doors?
All the Mercedes entries were featuring flat white paint.

Smart Cars on the walls.

Smart Cars on the rooftops!

Rolls Royce: A nice vehicle for extremely rich people to go tailgating.

Rolls Royce.  Nom!

BMW came out with this nifty electric bike.  I'll be we see these like...
everywhere in the next 2 years.

Bimmer also showed up with a 100% electric Mini.

This Honda 3-RC Concept trike is one vehicle...

... that is probably incredibly easy to get killed on.  Every engineer
in the world knows that 3 wheeled vehicles tip.  Bad Honda!

Dawn tries on the latest Nissan Z for size.

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