Sunday, August 29, 2010

World Cities

The Eiffel Tower by night
Some have asked my why I am in Paris right now and there is no simple answer.  In a person's life they generally choose a place to live based on economic factors, family issues, legal obligations and a host of other things that make the choice not based on desirability, but rather based on various levels of necessity.  That's to say, most people's home city is an arranged marriage as oppsed to a marriage for love.

 In 2010 the London based consultant firm Knight Frank LLP together with the Citibank published a survey of world cities. The Wealth Report 2010, which includes the World City Survey, assesses four parameters — economic activity, political power, knowledge and influence and quality of life. The list aimed to rank the world´s most influential cities.  I intend to choose one of these cities and make it my home (after some investigation and perhaps a lot of paperwork, of course).

Rank.  City - Best category (My thoughts so far)
  1. New York - Economic activity (Spent just under 3 months there... it's a candidate for sure.)
  2. London - Economic activity (I've spend a total of about 6 weeks there.  I love the city.  There are endless numbers of things to do.)
  3. Paris - Quality of life (One month going on three.  J'aime Paris!)
  4. Tokyo - Economic activity  (Want to vist badly.)
  5. Los Angeles - Knowledge and influence (Was there one week and hated it.)
  6. Brussels - Political power (I must see it.)
  7. Singapore - Economic activity (I must see it.)
  8. Berlin - Quality of life (I've been in Berlin a total of about 3 months.  I love it and it is a very inexpensive place to live.)
  9. Beijing - Political power (I must see it.)
  10. Toronto - Quality of life (One hour.  I should really spend time here if I want to call myself Canadian.)
  11. Chicago - Knowledge and influence (I might have a look... Bueller... Bueller... )
  12. Washington, D.C. - Political power (No interest at all.  I don't own a handgun so I will probably pass.)
  13. Seoul - Economic activity (I must see it.)
  14. Hong Kong - Knowledge and influence (I may take a look this winter.)
  15. Frankfurt - Quality of life (I've visited Frankfurt a couple of times, but don't have a good feel for the city.)
  16. Sydney - Knowledge and influence (I must see it.)
  17. San Francisco - Quality of life (I've been there a total of about 3 months.  I could live here, I think.)
  18. Bangkok - Political power (I must see it.)
  19. Shanghai - Economic activity (I must see it.)
  20. Zürich - Quality of life (I must see it.)
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