Saturday, January 21, 2012

Paris Resolutions

Sir Robyn prepares for a NYE night out.
A happy and prosperous New Year to you, my friends and readers!

I’ve lived in Paris about 11 months now… oh 8 months in a straight line and I’m coming up on a pair of interesting anniversaries.  How has Paris affected me?  How have I affected Paris in my first year in the city?  I’m sure that somewhere there is a great cosmic tally, but lacking this, I can only strive to get the most out of and put the most back into this city that I love.

Every year I make a bold collection of New Year’s resolutions and I have done so this year as well.  The difference is that this year, many of my resolutions are related directly to my new home and not just to my own person.  How does that work?  Well without further gilding the lily, let me show you. 

Paris Resolutions (with possible observations)
Language:  The French language has proved difficult for me; surprisingly difficult.  To improve my social standing, increase my number of friends, reduce difficulties with various negotiations, etc., I must improve my French greatly.  Rosetta Stone just hasn’t done the trick and I get weary of it now.  Therefore, I resolve, for 2012 to:
  • Take an official classroom-based French course.
  • Improve my French to a conversational level.
  • Watch more French films (or films dubbed into French).
  • Read at least one adult book in French.
Cecelia - Crayon (original) - Sir Robyn - Paris 2012

Art:  If you’ve followed my blog you know that art has recently become an important part of my day to day life, not just in the observance of it in museums, but in the creation of it as well.  Last year I began taking “life classes” in which I attempt to create the likeness of a nude model in various poses from one week to the next.  For this year:
  • I resolve to continue my art classes and master the pencil and try my hand at pastels and paints before the end of the year.
  • I resolve to become a “Friend of the Louvre” and visit at least once a month.
  • I resolve to see another gallery or special exhibit at least once a month.

Society:  To truly be part of any place, one must have friends.  I’ve been fortunate since moving to Paris in that I have made a few good friends in a hurry.  I long to make more Parisian friends of course, since my social life is a very important part of my overall life.  Improving my French language skills will help, but truly the bull must be taken by the horns to have a social life and I will be very proactive this year.  I resolve to:
  • Host a collection of parties and/or gatherings at my home or other arranged venues.
  • I will say at least one time this year (possibly in French), “Open another magnum.”
The pyramid at the Louvre glows on NYE
in anticipation of the New Year.

Paperwork:  New residents of France have one year to get a French driver’s license and then I’m told that they have great difficulties if they let this year pass.  Also approaching is the time where I must perform my first annual renewal of my Carte de Sejour (my resident card) to continue to live in Paris for another year.  I will:
  • Acquire a French driver’s licence.
  • Renew my Carte de Sejour.

Miscellaneous:  The following are Paris life related… and will make sense as you read them.  Lastly, I resolve to:
  • Enter myself  in a local fencing competition.
  • Eat in a Michelin rated restaurant (maybe the Tour D’argent across the river from me?).
  • Take a bus tour into the Champagne region and taste all that I can taste.
Well that is all my friends.  It is a lot for one year, but I think I can do it all and a few other things.  My the rest of the year bring you happiness and prosperity.  Thank you for looking in.  Please post any questions in the comments box below and Please Please Please, if you have a click in your mouse that you can spare, share or like this post!

Your friend and humble blogger,
Sir Robyn


  1. Sir Robyn....have found your blog totally by accident and am so happy...I follow alot of Paris expat bloggers and it's nice to read a fellow Canadian's point of view.

    keep writing..we are out here reading....

    and by the way your drawings are amazing...I cannot believe you had never drawn before....fabulous.